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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do we nominate our team?
A: We are not doing nominations in Texas. We will take any team’s video, portfolio, and scoresheet and have them reviewed and invite the top 20 teams to the statewide challenge on July 20.

Q: If you are having a competition just at your school, do you have to record the results on the official mat? We have created a tarp with the images measured out and written in sharpie.
A: A: That is not a requirement. You may use the mat you have developed.

Q: For the local competitions, are there any in the state of Texas?
A: A: Yes, we have local challenges scheduled currently in San Antonio, Pharr, and are currently working on arrangements for west Texas. If you would like to host a local competition, let us know and we will advertise on our website.

Q: If you were going to do a local competition when would it need to be completed by. I have enough volunteers to do a competition I don’t have space big enough, so I am still looking.
A: A: June 24 is the deadline for local competitions. Videos, portfolios, and scoresheets must be uploaded by June 25 in order for us to judge and send invitations to the top 20 teams in Texas to the state competition on July 20 in Austin, Texas.

Q: If the drone becomes untethered on takeoff from the lunar lander can the teams land the drone and reattach it?
A: Teams will have one opportunity to re-attach the lunar lander, without penalty, if it becomes unattached during takeoff. 1 point will be deducted for any additional reattachments up to 5 points. After 5 points it is up to competition director discretion to let the team continue to reattach without penalty, or move on with the challenge and allow that team time (off to the side) to problem solve with a chance to try again at a later time.

Q: If the rovers attachments go over the boundary of the map but the wheels do not, is there a point deduction?
A: The wheels are guide/measure for all boundaries. See page 16 of the Challenge Manual for clarification.

Figure 4 on pg 16 of the Challenge Manual
Figure 4 on pg 16 of the Challenge Manual

Q: Where do we get the rock samples or learn more about the rock samples both for running the challenge and for the team to study?
A: If you do not have physical samples of the rocks make photo cards of the 3 main rock samples. It is up to the Challenge Director if you choose to include a few facts about the samples on the photo card. Example pictures of each type (Anorthosite, Basalt, and Breccia) are below.

You may purchase them online, one source found is http://www.teachersupplysource.com and they are very inexpensive.
In the Flight Director Information Packet starting on page 42 there is further information about the Geology of the moon, and 3 sample lessons you could use with students.