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The following mission designs have been performed by undergraduate and graduate students at TSGC members institutions. The abstracts are posted here and the full text will be made available on request. To request the full text of any of the reports please fill out the request form.

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Abstract Full Text Author Date
Interplanetary Missions
Asteroid Exploration and Utilization full text Alan Carlson, et. all December 15,1991
Balloon-Based Mars Observation Mission full text John Thomas Calfee, et. all December 9, 1998
A Deep Space Mission to the Solar Foci Justin H. Carter Spring 1997
Frontier Transportation Systems an integrated Mars transportation system Matthew Kaplan, et. all Spring 1992
Galileo Relay Satellite Project Laura E. Bass December 6, 1991
Hyper-Redundant Robotics - Bug-bots for Mars Exploration full text Samuel Aguirre, et. all April 2001
A Low-Cost Mercury Orbiter Mission Ken Ely, et. all February 1994
Manned Mars Mission Project: Ascent/Desent Vehicle, Habitat Laboratory J. Shelton, et. all November 1985
The Mars Observer Replacement Fleet (MORF) Michael Kline, et. all December 1993
PERCIVAL Mission To Mars David W. Reed, et. all December 10, 1992
Phobos Mission Vehicle Design Guillaume Brat, et. all December 10, 1991
A Probe to Europa Hector O. Alvidres May 28, 1993
Project Aeneas - Robotic Exploration Mission to Mars and Phobos Justin H. Kerr, et. all November 29, 1993
Passive Solar Tracking Aparatus - P-STAR full text Tim Crain July 22, 1996
Project MARVIN - A Mars Analysis and Return Vehicle with In Situ Resource Utilization Ursula Callaway, et. all November 29, 1993
Walk Unknown November 1985
LEO Missions
Project Gateway: An Earth orbiting transportation node Todd McCusker, et. all May 6, 1988
LOESat - LANDSAT Replacement Kris Hinders, et. all November 29, 1993
Microacceleration Experiment Platform Katy Barber, et. all May 1990
Satellite Observation System for Space Station Freedom full text Greg Cabe, et. all December 10, 1992
Station Payload Orbiting Transport Kari Lewis, et. all May 5, 1995
Space Habitat, Assembly and Repair Center full text Todd Colangelo, et. all May 15, 1992
Stirling Engine in LEO full text Tanya Hardy, et. all April 28, 1987
SwRI TAPP Project Analysis and Add-On System Proposal Andrew Grimes, et. all December 7, 1994
Lunar Missions
BALLSAR Project: (Ballistic Arbitrary Location Lunar Sampler and Retriever) full text Greg Moroney, et. all December 7, 1999
Common Lunar Lander full text Jim Ruhnke, et. all December 1991
Lunar Crew Emergency Rescue Vehicle Craig Hudson, et. all December 2, 1988
Lunar Polar Coring Lander full text Raymond Hudson, et. all May 7, 1990
A Lunar Robotics Testbed Ken Ely May 9, 1993
Extended Duration Lunar Lander Nikola Babic, et. all May 15, 1993
II OF TEXAS Mission full text Joe Enzminger, et. all May 5, 1995
Far Side Lunar Observatory Dawn M. Hannula, et. all December 6, 1991
Lunar Farside Observatory Brent Harding, et. all December 13, 1989
Lunar Transport with LUNOX Fueled Return Chad A. McFarland March 28, 1994
Lunar Lander Ruwan Arseculeratne, et. all May 9, 1991
Lunar Rover: Lunar Oxygen Verification Experiment full text Richard Eddings, et. all December 2, 1995
Self-Unloading, Unmanned, Reusable Lunar Lander Project Kevin Cowan, et. all May 5, 1991
Small Lunar Observer Bus (SLOB) David Fraser, et. all December 4, 1991
Small Lunar Polar Orbiter (SLPO) full text John G. Sonntag April 30, 1992
Water and Oxygen Resources: A Lunar Discovery Mission Cyril Annarella, et. all December 7, 1994
Miscellaneous Missions
Comet/Asteroid Planetary Defense System full text Allen Brown, et. all December 9, 1994
Comprehensive Orbital Debris Management Program full text William Borchers,, et. all May 4, 1990
Converting the Minuteman Missile into a Small Satellite Launch System full text Rodrick McHaty, et. all November 24, 1993
Debris Removal Debora C. Hoetger May 1993
An Earth Orbiting Satellite Service and Repair Facility full text Unknown, et. all December 15, 1989
A Feasibility Study of Methods for Stopping the Depletion of Ozone Over Antarctica Sun Hae Hur, et. all May 6, 1988
Heavy Lift Lunar Launch System full text Gregory A. Baker, et. all December 10, 1990
Launch Vehicles Unknown Author December 1990
Nuclear Thermal Rocket Propulsion full text John D. Cinnamon Spring 1992
Personnel Launch System and a Family of Heavy Lift Launch Vehicles James Tupa, et. all May 6, 1991
Rekindling Interest in the National Space Program full text Sandra Barker, et. all December 9, 1994
Satellite Power System full text Clara V. Enriquez, et. all May 9, 1991
A Small Satellite Design for Deep Space Network Testing and Training Dennis McWilliams, et. all May 8, 1993
Space Debris Removal System Erika Carlson, et. all December 3, 1990
Space Traffic Control System full text Van Hoang, et. all April 7, 1995

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