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Heavy Lift Lunar Lauch System - Abstract

Study on the Feasibility and Possible Configuration of a

Heavy Lift Lunar Launch System

Gregory A. Baker
Justin K. Knaplund
Behzad X. Raofi

The University of Texas at Austin
December 10, 1990


By the year 2050 A.D., the moon will become a center in the study and exploitation of interplanetary space. A heavy lift capability from the lunar surface will be required in order to best exercise this role. This report studied the feasibility of a Heavy Lift Lunar Launch System, and determined that this type of system, with the basic specifications of lifting 200,000 kg of payload into lunar orbit and returning an equivalent payload to the surface of the moon, is feasible. Take-off velocities required to reach a 100 km orbit are obtained by combination of an electromagnetic accelerator providing a velocity of 0.7 km/sec, and an additional 1.0 km/sec provided by chemical engines using only lunar fuel.

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