List of Tables

Considered Materials For Frame
Overall Rating of Materials
Considered Motors For Drive System
Solar Design Criteria
Battery Design Criteria
Subsystem Divisions

List of Figures

Frame Configuration
Modular Wheel Assembly
Geared Wheel Assembly
Steering Mechanism
LM628/LM629 Block Diagram
H-Bridge Switching Circuit
LMD18200 Block Diagram
Timing Diagram for Brushless DC Motor
LM621 Motor Controller
Object Detection Flowchart
Signal Recovery Flowchart
Sensor Block Diagram
Stereo Multiplexer
1.625 in3 Color Video Camera(SuperCircuits)
Full Duplex Transceiver
Receiver Block Diagram
Video Transmitter Kit(SuperCircuits)
Thermal Design Diagram
Example of a Peltier Device(Tellurex)
Power System Block Diagram
Bus Connection for Rover Systems
LM1951 Block Diagram
LH1605 Block Diagram
Solar Array Connection


Last Modified: Fri Dec 18, 1998