Phobos Mission Vehicle Design - Abstract
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Phobos Mission Vehicle Design

Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

The University of Texas at Austin

Guillaume Brat
Mustafa Khan
Jose Lozano
Walter L. Moguel
Kamran Moosavi
David North
Harold E. Pangilinan

December 10, 1991


The preliminary design of an unmanned probe to the Mars moon Phobos has been developed. The primary goal of this mission is to gather chemical composition data with a particular emphasis on the search for water. Secondary goals are to completely map the surface of Phobos and investigate its internal structure via seismographic experiments. The mission will be accomplished with a three-module spacecraft including a propulsion module, a stationary lander, and a smaller mobile lander. Launch from Earth will be made with a Titan IV/Centaur G with a nominal launch date of July 9, 2009 and a total mission time of approximately one year. Preliminary design of vehicle subsystems includes structures, propulsion, thermal control, power, communication, guidance, navigation and control. In addition an analysis of trajectories has been made.


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