Note from the Author

This document was written as a mission design project in Dr. Wallace Fowler's ASE387P Mission Design class.   It was intended to be, and still is, a basic exercise of celestial mechanics and creativity applied toward a specific "future mission".   There was never any stipulation that this be an HTML document or any expectation that this report would need to be made Web ready.   However, I found myself sitting in front of a dumb terminal compiling FORTRAN integration routines for this project when some notion of how I should phrase a particular segment of the report hit me.   Not one to let the thought become lost to the "there-was-something-I-meant-to-say" file, I pulled up a simple editor and typed in my ideas.   Unsatisfied with the way the bland text appeared, I went one step further and did some simple HTML formatting.   Coincidentally, I read in the Daily Texan about a woman at UT that turned in her dissertation entirely on CD-ROM.  

"Why not go ahead and make your report an HTML document?" thought I.

And so here we are today.   Upon encouragement from Mark Fischer (TSGC Webmaster), this still simple report is now fully HTMLized and ready to go.   Let me briefly explain whom this report is and is not meant for:

Primarily this report has been "gussied up" for Dr. Fowler, whose support and advice have been invaluable to me as both an undergraduate and as a grad student.   Of course, I would be remiss if I did not also mention the help received during many long computer pounding sessions from Ken Rock and Eric Duncan, two of my best friends.

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