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Archived: July 29, 2004

welcome to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Bone Strength Measurement Using Ultrasound Critical-Angle Reflectometry web page. This program addresses the design of a miniaturized, low mass detector head for the measurement of bone elasticity. The Ultrasound Critical-Angle Reflectometry (UCR) technique has been developed over the last eight years to measure various elements of the bone elasticity matrix which are correlated with bone strength measured by mechanical testing. It is a noninvasive, nondestructive technique that analyzes cancellous from cortical bone.

The UCR Research Team consists of:


The elasticity of bone can be measured by UCR to assess bone biomechanical properties. Initial results in bedrest patients show significant changes after 12 weeks, particularly in cancellous bone, an indicator of metabolic changes. The main goal is to develop a miniaturized form of this technique so that it may be used in space flight to predict risk to bone integrity posed by observed changes, and to assess efficacy of physical and medical measures to minimize the risk.


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