TSGC Challenge

The CHALLENGE gives teams of undergraduate students an opportunity to work on a topic of interest to NASA by progressing through a series of design Levels.

The overall program is fashioned to accommodate a variety of design sequences taught in curriculums throughout the State of Texas in institutions of higher learning [one-semester design, two-semester design, design and build, etc.]. CHALLENGE participation is made-up of six team-directed increments: BASE, three specific design Levels, and two Option Areas. Up to two teams per year per institution may participate.

Monetary awards will be made to individual teams upon satisfactory completion of design levels, and on a cost-reimburseable basis. Travel grant funds are available to assist teams with off-campus learning, outreach visits or meeting participation.

Basic Program Schedule, Levels and Options

The CHALLENGE schedule is based on a standard semester, yet incorporates enough flexibility so that students may spread the design experience over two semesters if desired.

Levels of design allow students to take a CHALLENGE topic to a degree that corresponds to their own academic experience, and in keeping with each institution's semester constraints. Teams may incorporate Option Areas into the process at any time during Level I, II, or III activities to add further dimension to their involvement.

The basic schedule below gives prospective teams an idea of the 14-week timeline involved in single-semester participation. The TSGC budget allows each team a maximum cost-reimburseable award of $1,250 contingent upon meeting design-related expectations in each level. More detailed guidelines are available in the chapter on how to Participate.

Design Brief Full Proposal Mid-Term Report Final Report I: Outreach II: Meeting
2 wks after
start of classes
4 wks after completing BASE 4 wks after completing Level I 4 wks after completing Level II anytime during
Level I, II, III
anytime during
Level I, II, III

Elements required in BASE Level:
  • establish team
  • faculty advisor
  • student leader
  • choose topic
  • brainstorming
  • design brief

Elements required in Level I:
  • feedback
  • collaboration
  • weekly status rpts
  • patch design
  • full proposal

Elements required in Level II:
  • visual design
  • field trip
  • weekly status rpts
  • mid-term report

Elements required in Level III:
  • weekly status rpts
  • K-12 activities
  • final report
  • Showcase

Outreach includes:
  • presentation, demo, displays; or
  • K-12 activities; or
  • adopt a classroom

Meeting Participation includes:
  • paper presentation; or
  • poster session

no award $250.00 $250.00 $250.00 $250.00 $250.00


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