Customers Page

"Our clients are our priority on finish our project"


In this page, we have a list of our customers, and those clients are people that are support our class and we very much thank them. We will be returning the favor by completing and operating the satellite balloon for which we been getting so much support.




Texas State Grant Consortium: TSGC is the one that gave the challenge to design a NASA related topic, also TSGC is helping in providing some the money in our budget. Thanks to them for giving us, the senior design class, the opportunity to work on this project.



Texas A&M University-Kingsville Engineering: Since this is our school and very proud of this school. We would like to thank the engineering departments for letting some of the seniors to volunteer their time to the project and class. The departments to thank are:

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

Mechanical Engineering Department

Civil Engineering Department


College of Engineering



NASA Administrator's Fellowship Program: NAFP is responsible for allowing Mr. Tony Kim to come to TAMUK and guide us in our project. They deserve a thanks from all of us.