Class Objectives

(All information taken from Level III presentation)



The multi-discipline senior class objectives:


Work Experience

One of the students’ objectives is to learn the basics of systems engineering and project management while working in teams to obtain real life ‘like’ experience to prepare for future work environment.

Being able to work with a limited budget, schedule constraints and design issues which include:

Real – life experience is another objective, because it would give the class the experience to work with other engineers from other fields. This leads to more experience in future work in the same environment.



For the design part, the class goals are to launch a remote sensing balloon borne satellite to explore the edges of space. Also, the class will make sure that the project will encompass the design construction and implementation which will take the project from start to finish.



Requirements for Balloon Satellite

Here are the requirements for the balloon satellite that the class must meet. This is a must objective that is important in for the launch to happen.

•         The balloon satellite shall meet all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.

•         The balloon satellite shall meet all Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Requirements.

•         The satellite shall be functional throughout all phases of the mission.

•         The satellite shall be reconfigurable with a new payload and launched within one day.

•         The launch system shall carry the satellite and payload to a minimum altitude of 100,000 feet.

•         The satellite shall be reusable.

•         The satellite shall be reconfigure-able with a new payload and launched within one day.  

•         The satellite shall broadcast real-time telemetry including temperature, pressure, position, and altitude data.

•         The satellite shall broadcast real time video from  the satellite of the mission to the ground.