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Greetings ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Trinity Tigernauts' webpage. This is a site devoted not to the inner-workings of the famous childhood game "Red Rover," but instead to the Tigernauts' delightful Mars rover design of the same name.

Red Rover was created in order to satisfy the Texas Space Grant Consortium's (TSGC) needs. Luckily, Trinity University's Senior Design VII and VIII class was willing to allow this design of the Mars rover to count towards the "senior design."

Well, as Fred Garvin would say, "Enough small talk, let's get crackin'." Feel free to browse around, as I'm sure whatever information you glean from your travels will be infinitely more lucid than the ramblings above.

Semi-related Links

More to Come...


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If you haven't noticed already, you will find credits (Group thanks), a personal page on each one of the Tigernauts, and a more specific approach to the rover somewhere in this site.

Tigernauts at Play


Even when we're playing, the Tigernauts are still meeting some requirement set forth by someone. Check out some of the photos in photo gallery.  

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