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Without the fantastic help of these people, the Red Rover is never fully conceived.

bullet Dr. Kevin Nickels
bullet The Trinity Tigernauts' faculty advisor and the coach that guided the team to victory over unprecedented adversity (if by "adversity" you mean "the team is sketchy on how to proceed").
bullet Dr. Humboldt Mandell
bullet The Tigernauts' team mentor, Dr. Mandell has helped the team with his invaluable knowledge.
bullet Dr. Burke Fort
bullet The Tigernauts received an excellent presentation from Dr. Fort as to the nature of work in which the TSGC is involved.
bullet Debbie Mullins
bullet Her weekly Tuesday Tag-Ups and feedback on numerous Tigernaut reports proved necessary in producing the best work the Tigernauts had to offer.


(And special thanks to all our parents, who don't have webpages.) 


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