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Your starting four for the Trinity Tigernauts...

Roberto Aranibar is responsible for all computation and imagery requirements. These requirements include a remotely-controlled video system and automatic logging of records pertaining to the crew and vehicle status.   Due to constraints imposed by the circumstances of the project (e.g. time, number of team members), Roberto’s focus is primarily on the design of the rover’s video system, which the team plans to prototype in the coming semester.  His previous experience in robot design and his emphasis in electrical engineering ensures his ability to handle these tasks.

Kathleen Lachance is handling the design of the communication system.  This includes any transmissions between the vehicle, its crew (in and away from the rover), a base station, an orbiter, and Earth.  Her concentration in electrical engineering makes her well suited to handle these tasks. In addition, as the current team leader, she is in charge of project management.    

Landon Nemoto’s duties are concerned with power generation, storage, consumption, distribution, and budgeting.  He must ensure that the power sources selected provide adequate power for vehicle mobility as well as the power required by the vehicle’s systems and tools/equipment.  His extensive and interdisciplinary background in both electrical and mechanical engineering demonstrates his ability to handle these tasks. He is responsible for both the team patch design and the webpage.

Michael Poteet is the primary designer of all the mechanical design issues concerned with the vehicle’s structure and mobility, such as its suspension, drive train and chassis.  His concentration in mechanical engineering and strong background and experiences in automotive-related work make him well suited to handle these tasks.

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