Structure and Mobility
Computation and Imagery
Communication        Red Rover and its subsystems

                            Designing a Mars rover is a much more demanding task than one might initially think. After early confusion, the team thought it best to split the rover into four major components and allow each team member to "do their part" and research a subsystem. On the bar to your left, you will find each subsystem and the research the team member has done on each.

        The Tigernauts have been assigned Dr. Humboldt Mandell as team mentor for the TSGC Design Challenge. Dr. Mandell previously served as the manager of NASA Johnson Space Centerís Exploration Office. Currently, he is a Research Fellow at the University of Texas, in the Center for Space Research.  He was chosen by JSCís Exploration office to be a mentor to the Tigernauts.

            During his time with NASA, Dr. Mandell worked as a designer for the Space Shuttle and Space Station. Additionally, he was the program manager of the human Moon and Mars Exploration Programs. Dr. Mandell has been working on projects related to Mars for the last ten years. Presently, he is working on a project to develop a drill to explore for water on Mars. The Tigernauts are looking forward to working with Dr. Mandell on this design challenge.