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Design Variants


The initial design called for the use of a desiccant to absorb humidity
from the air to eliminate condensate buildup on the coils. This solution
was eliminated due to high cost of transporting water into space. It was
found more desirable to preserve the collected condensate as a source of water.

Cooling Plates and Wipers

One variant that led us to our current design was the use of several thin cooling
plates and a wiper mechanism that would travel up and down the plates to remove
to condensate. This design was less favorable than our current design due to the
complexities of producing linear motion compared to rotation.

Rotating Wipers and Blades

This design involved the wipers rotating while the cooling disks remained stationary.
Once again this concept was rejected do to the complexities involved. Also the
rotating wipers would impede airflow.

Paddle Wheel

One total variation in the final design was the concept of using a paddle wheel.
This design was basically a sizeable paddle wheel where each one of the paddles had
coolant flowing through it. As the air was blown into each closed section between
panels, it would chill until being released again on the opposite side. The paddle
wheel will spin fast enough to cause the collected condensate to flow off the paddle.
This design was not chosen due to the restriction of air flow and the high possibility
of condensate flowing off the paddle into the cooled air supply.

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