JSC Digital Image Collection - STS002-09-483

JSC Digital Image Collection
Earth Observation Images

    NASA PHOTO ID: STS002-09-483         PHOTO FILE NAME: 10053539.jpg

    PHOTO CHRONOLOGY:                    PHOTO TARGET:
       Date Taken:                          Region:     CHINA
       Time Taken:                          Features:   TIBET, KUNLUN MOUNTAINS
       Spacecraft Orbit:  10                Latitude:   34.0 N
                                            Longitude:  81.5 E
       Exposure:      normal                SPACECRAFT DATA:
       Cloud Cover:   20%                   Latitude of spacecraft
       Camera tilt:   high oblique             nadir position:          
       Focal Length:  100mm                 Longitude of Spacecraft
       Azimuth:                                nadir position:          
       Elevation:                           Altitude:                  
       Stereo image                         Direction from spacecraft
          available:  No                       nadir position to
                                               photo center point:     

This image is a part of the Image Library sponsored by the Texas Space Grant Consortium and the Center for Space Research - University of Texas at Austin. It was taken from http://images.jsc.nasa.gov/iams/images/earth/STS002/html/10053539.htm.


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