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Fly High Class of 2002:

Unfortunately, due to budget reductions, we will not have a high school component of the student flight program anytime in the near future. While we would love to fly more and more student programs, we do have to be realistic about the budget and its very real constraints. In the future we might resurrect the high school component, but we do not see that happening anytime in the near term. Teachers and TEA Regional representatives who have questions may contact:

Schools, teachers and students who are interested in other high school and middle school opportunities which NASA has to offer, are welcome to check out the following links. In addition, teachers are welcome to contact a nearby college or university team who has or is planning to participate in the NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program. University teams are encouraged to give outreach presentations to local high schools or invite high school students to participate on their team.

Fly High Class of 2001:

This year's participants included:

    20 teams from Texas TEA ESC Regions I - X
    plus 2 teams from Las Cruces, New Mexico

16 teams trained at JSC and flew on the KC-135 in April and May, 2001
6 teams trained at JSC in April but are returning in July and Aug., 2001 to fly on the KC-135

For additional information on Summer 2001 Flights, current team members may contact:

    Burke Fort,
    Program Administrator, TSGC
    voice: 512-471-7225, fax: 512-471-3585

Fly High Alums:

The schools and teams who participated were chosen by their TEA ESC Regional Science Directors
    Class of 1998: 6 teams from TEA ESC Regions IV and XIII participated and flew in spring 1998

    Class of 1999: 17 teams from TEA ESC Regions I - VIII, X participated and flew in spring 1999

    Class of 2000: 14 teams from TEA ESC Regions XI - XVII participated and flew in spring 2000

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