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OTHER NASA EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM LINKS: - NASA's Space Link, an aeronautical and space resource for education - NASA Quest is a rich resource for educators, kids and space enthusiasts who are interested in meeting and learning about NASA people and the national space program. NASA Quest offers interactive web programs which allow the public to share the excitement of NASA's authentic scientific and engineering pursuits like flying in the Shuttle and the International Space Station, exploring distant planets with amazing spacecraft, and building the aircraft of the future. - just for fun, a virtual tour of the International Space Station - Johnson Space Center's student and educator programs: especially check out the following programs for students in grades 9-12:

  • - NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) - It offers 4 competitions: Space Flight Opportunities (Experiments), Design a Mission to Mars, Aeronautics & Space Science Journalism, and Watching Earth Change.
  • - Texas Aerospace Scholars (TAS) for high school juniors - an interactive on-line learning experience highlighted by a week-long internship where selected students are encouraged to study math, science, engineering, or computer science by interacting with engineers at the NASA Johnson Space Center.
  • - Summer High School Apprentice Research Program (SHARP) - To stimulate underrepresented students interested in a science and engineering career, creating a pool for the future needs of NASA and the aerospace industry. Students work for eight weeks during the summer with a NASA mentor in a lab or office environment. Participating universities are located in or near one of the 8 states in which there are NASA Field Centers (Alabama, California, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia). - provides links to JSC's exhibits, educator guides, images, and programs for students of all ages and educators - NASA's page for education and outreach - Texas Space Grant Consortium's educational opportunities page for general public and K-12 public service projects. Especially, check out:

  • - Texas Space Grant Consortium's summer series of educational/training workshops for teachers. These aerospace workshops, called LiftOff Summer Institute, emphasize science, mathematics, and engineering learning experiences by incorporating a different NASA mission area as the central theme each year. Teacher participants are provided with knowledge, materials, and experience through hands-on, minds-on activities and field trips that promote aerospace enrichment activities to others.
  • - Protein Crystal Growth on Board the International Space Station: Master Teachers attending Protein Crystal Growth kit training learn the importance of protein crystal growth research, how to conduct experiments with students on protein crystal growth, and resources for research and evaluation. Upon completion of the experiments in the classroom, teachers and students will be asked to enter the Protein Crystal Growth contest sponsored by the Texas Space Grant Consortium. The McPherson laboratory at the University of California at Irvine is designated as the principal investigative team for this activity on the International Space Station. - Education programs offered by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. In particular, check out: - The Space Experiment Module or SEM: NASA has developed an educational program for kids who want to discover more about space by building experiments that may ultimately fly on a Space Shuttle.

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