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Astronaut Dominic Gorie will kick off Austin's Earth Science Week Career Fair on Tuesday, October 12 at The University of Texas Pickle Research Center. Astronaut Gorie will share America's new vision for space exploration with the next generation of explorers. He will talk to students about our destiny as explorers, NASA's stepping stone approach to exploring Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond, how space impacts our lives, and how people and machines rely on each other in space.

Over 350 middle school students from Austin and surrounding communities will attend. To find out more about the Austin Earth Science Week career fair, visit: http://www.beg.utexas.edu/esw/PDFs/2004eswprogram.pdf.

Astronaut Gorie Brings Space Science 'Down To Earth' In Texas

Astronaut Dominic Gorie, a veteran of three space flights, will be the keynote speaker at the Austin Earth Science Week Consortium Oct. 12 in Austin, Texas. Gorie's visit, hosted by the Texas Space Grant Consortium, is part of a nationwide program designed to promote interest in, and knowledge of, the Earth Sciences and its contributions to society.

At 10 a.m., Gorie will deliver a multimedia presentation about his astronaut training and space flights to an audience of about 350 students followed by a question-and-answer session. The event will be held at the University of Texas Pickle Research Center on Baker Lane in the Commons Conference Center.

With more than 32 days spent in space on three Space Shuttle missions, Gorie is one of a small group of astronauts with the unique perspective of having visited two different space stations the Russian Mir Space Station in 1998 and the current International Space Station in 2001. He currently is chief of the Astronaut Safety Branch.

Gorie is available for print and electronic media interviews. To learn more about the consortium or to arrange a media interview, contact Margaret Baguio, Outreach Coordinator, Texas Space Grant Consortium, at (512) 471-6922 or (512) 471-3583.