Alexander G. Contreras Proposed Statement of Research
Lori V. Davenport
Prarie View A&M University

An Experimental Investigation and Comparisons of Single Phase and Flow Boiling in Uniformly Heated and Non-Uniformly Heated Flow Channels With Vertical Upward Flow

Experiments in upward flow boiling are being conducted using Freon-11 to study the axial heat transfer coeff~cient distribution in non-uniformly and uniformly heated circular channels.. The experiments will involve the variation of many flow parameters which include diameter, mass velocity, subcooling, and enhancement devices. The data from the experiments will be compared to similar experiments with different orientations (i.e. downward flow and horizontal flow) as well as with selected existing correlations. All these data are useful in assessing existing correlations and determining the need for new ones, by providing a new generation of heat transfer data which will be applicable to advanced three-dimensional, two phase channel flows.


Wednesday, 26-Mar-2003 21:50:01 CST