David K. Geller Proposed Statement of Research
David K. Geller
Rice University

Dielectric Response of a Magnetized Fermi Gas

Strong magnetic fields arise in terrestrial as well as astrophysical plasmas: Observations of magnetic white dwarfs reveal surface field strengths in the range of 106 - 109 Gauss, models for neutron star crusts and pulsar atmospheres yield fields on the order of 109 - 1012G, and fields in laser plasmas and pulsed-power experiments typically exceed 106G. Ionization processes, transport processes, and radiative pro cesses in such environments can be very dependent on the magnetic field's strength, and it is therefore important to understand the effect that a magnetic field has on the underlying, microscopic processes. The goal of my research is to first review and study the dielectric response function for a classical strongly magnetized plasma, and then to determine the clielectric response function for a strongly magnetized, but non-degenerate Fermi gas. This generalized response function will be used to deter mine the effect of the magnetic field on particle shielding (in this case, for a Fermi gas) which, in turn, will provide insight into the effect of a strong field on ioniza tion processes, particle scattering, transport phenomena, and free-free radiation (i.e. Bremsstrahlung).


Wednesday, 26-Mar-2003 22:07:46 CST