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Matthew A. Lewis
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

As a graduate assistant in Advanced Radiological Sciences, my current area of research deals directly with the analysis of changes in bone quality due to the absence of gravity. I am involved in the design and implementation of a next generation ultrasound reflectometer. This device is capable of measuring both elasticity and density of bone in vitro. Bone biophysics is of particular importance to future NASA programs that might require extended sojourns into space. Previous research has shown that bone properties change sign)ficantly over the course of an extended mission. This obstacle must first be overcome before we are to establish a permanent presence in space and to travel beyond the moon. This technology promises to be an important diagnostic tool in the manned space program. There are also multiple clinical applications for ultrasound reflectometery that offer numerous areas of research, from osteoporosis to monitoring bed-ridden patients. I feel that my background in computational, theoretical, and experimental physics fits ideally into this field of study. This fellowship, if awarded to me, would provide encouragement in pursuit of this exciting and promising line of research.


Wednesday, 26-Mar-2003 22:10:09 CST