Texas Space Grant Consortium
1996-1997 Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Texas Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Scholarships have been established for senior-level students interested in space related education and research. These scholarships are intended to recognize high-quiality students and encourage their consideration of graduate studies. The scholarships stress above-average performance in academics, examples or intent to participate in space education and/or research experience, leadership qualities, and participation by members of underrepresented groups in science and engineering.

The following are the 1996-1997 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients:

Jeremy B. Britten
West Texas A&M University
Biology and Chemistry
Jason Carter
Texas Christian University
Herman Flores
University of Houston
Industrial Engineering
Scott W. Kinser
Southern Methodist University
Mechanical Engineering
Tom Lister
University of Texas at Austin
Electrical Engineering
Matthew W. Martin
Prarie View A&M University
Chemical Engineering
Candido Munoz Jr.
University of Texas-Pan American
Electrical Engineering
John H. Nisayas
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Natural Gas Engineering
Thomas O'Brien
Rice University
Rochelle Pritchard
Texas Tech University
Mechanical Engineering
Mary E. Thomas
Texas A&M University
Aerospace Engineering


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