Texas Space Grant Consortium
1998 -1999 Scholarship Program

Texas Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Scholarships have been established for senior-level students interested in space related education and research. These scholarships are intended to recognize high-quiality students and encourage their consideration of graduate studies. The scholarships stress above-average performance in academics, examples or intent to participate in space education and/or research experience, leadership qualities, and participation by members of underrepresented groups in science and engineering.

The following are the 1998 -1999 Scholarship Recipients:
John T. Calfee
Texas Christian University
Lisa Doan
Rice University
Adriane Flythe
Texas Tech University
Industrial Engineering
Brian Franklin
Prarie View A&M University
Civil Engineering
Cody Godines
University of Texas at San Antonio
Jennifer Hall
University of Texas at Dallas
Ralph Johnson
Texas Christian University
Biomedical Engineering
Veronica Ramos
Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Paul Ryan Russell
Texas A&M University
Aerospace Engineering
Seth Toups
Lamar University
Mechanical Engineering
Shar Wisenhunt
University of Texas at Arlington
Computer Science


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