Mars Images

This image was acquired at the Viking Lander 1 site with camera number 2. There were two cameras on each of the two Viking Landers, so stereo imagery could be acquired for a portion of each of the sites. Thus, three dimensional products, such as topographic maps, could be constructed.

This scene shows a rocky field. In the foreground activity from the sampler arm is evident in the trenched and disturbed surface. Patches of drift material and possibly bedrock are visible further from the Lander. This synthetic high resolution color image was created by combining standard low resolution Viking Lander color images with standard high resolution Viking Lander black and white images, using image processing techniques. In simple terms, the colors are separated from the color image. Using the computer, those colors are then painted onto high resolution images covering the same area. The image has had its colors balanced to approximate what a person would see on Mars. Since the Martian atmosphere carries extremely fine-grained red dust in suspension the "on Mars" images are redder. Credit: Mary A. Dale-Bannister, Washington University in St. Louis.

Last Modified: July 9, 2002