Image Collection - The Moon
Full Moon Sunrise over the moon
Astronaut Eugene Cernan walks toward LRV during EVA Astronaut Harrison Schmitt seated in Lunar Roving Vehicle during EVA-3
Astronaut Harrison Schmitt collects lunar rake samples during EVA Astronaut Eugene Cernan salutes the flag.
Lunar module returning from the moon Earth and Moon
Sunrise with the Planets Lunar South Pole
Earth rise in horizon of moon Full Moon
Astronaut stands by Hadley Rille Moon when seen during a lunar eclipse
Astronaut standing near Plum Crater Astronaut Schmitt by a boulder on the moon

These images are a part of the Image Library sponsored by The Center for Space Research - University of Texas at Austin and Texas Space Grant Consortium. They were taken from the Johnson Space Center's Apollo 17 Image Library - JSC.


Monday, 30-Aug-1999 22:15:12 CDT