High Resolution Camera - Clementine

The High Resolution Camera is an integrated high resolution visible imageer. The combination of the camera and laser transmitter produce laser ranging.

The camera operates at visible wavelengths with slilcon CCD technology combined with a compact lighweight image intensifier and a six position spectral filter wheel provides higher resolution images.

Here are some general characteristics of the camera and the filters

Mass:1120 grams
Size:17 x 18 x 36.5 cm
Avg. Power10 W
Wavelength:0.4 - 0.8 microns
Field of View: 0.3 x 0.4 degrees
Pixel Format:384 x 288
Focal Plane Array:Silicon CCD
Filter Wheel:6 Positions

Filter Positions
A: 415 nm (40 nm width)
B: 560 nm (50)
C: 650 nm (50)
D: 750 nm (50)
E: 650 nm (350)
F: Opaque

Here is a sample image that this camera took.


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