Long Wave Infrared Camera - Clementine

The near infrared camera, produced by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Amber Engineering, used a cooled InSb arrary to provide images in the 1 to 3 micro meter wavelength region at medium resolution. Combined with at six position spectral filter wheel, this camera extends remote sensing into the near infrared.

Here are some general characteristics of the camera and the filters

Mass:1920 grams
Size:11.5 x 12 x 37 cm
Avg. Power21.5 W
Wavelength:0.9 - 3.1 microns
Field of View: 5.6 x 5.6 degrees
Pixel Format:256 x 256
Focal Plane Array:InSb (Amber Engineering>
Filter Wheel:6 Positions

Filter Positions
A: 1100 nm (60 nm width)
B: 1250 nm (60)
C: 1500 nm (60)
D: 2000 nm (60)
E: 2600 nm (60)
F: 2690 nm (120)

Here is a sample image that this camera took.


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