Return to Mars!

LiftOff 2000
A Texas Space Grant Consortium
Summer Institute For Middle and High School Teachers

July 17 - 21, 2000


Congratulations to the
Selected LiftOff 2000 "Return to Mars" Teachers

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Program Highlights
Program Features
Eligibility Requirements
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Past LiftOff Programs

Beginning in the summer of 1990, the Texas Space Grant Consortium initiated a summer series of educational/training workshops for teachers. These aerospace workshops, called Liftoff, emphasize science, mathematics, and engineering learning experiences by incorporating a different NASA mission area as the central theme each year. Teacher participants are provided with knowledge, materials, and experience through hands-on activities and field trips that will promote aerospace enrichment activities to others.

Program Highlights

LiftOff 2000 - Return to the Red Planet

Mars, the Red Planet, is the next frontier of space exploration. What do we know about this planet where rivers flowed, volcanoes erupted, and lakes and seas may once have harbored life? What happened to make Mars the cold, dry desert world of today? What can this tell us about the future of our planet?

How do scientists and engineers plan for future missions to explore Mars? What steps do they take to make sure a mission will be a success? Why do some missions still fail? How are all the Mars missions -- successes and failures -- contributing toward future human exploration and colonization of Mars? When will that happen?

Come and investigate the mysteries of the Red Planet with the scientists and engineers at the forefront of the Mars and research exploration at ... LiftOff 2000: Return to Mars!

Program Features

Sponsored by the Texas Space Grant Consortium and held at the Lunar and Planetary Institute Center for Advanced Space Studies, LiftOff 2000 featured:
  • presentations by Mars scientists and engineers
  • tours of NASA and Space Center Houston
  • hands-on inquiry-based classroom activities
  • free curricula and space science materials
  • Internet and e-mail access

Eligibility Requirements

All teachers must: 1) currently teach middle and/or high school students in a school system in their state, 2) have at least two years teaching experience in math or science at the middle and/or high school grade level in their state, and 3) demonstrate a willingness to participate in follow-up activities.

Texas teachers must: submit a completed application, no later than February 28, 2000, to:

LiftOff 2000
Texas Space Grant Consortium
3925 W. Braker Lane, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: 800-248-8742


Non-Texas teachers must:1) obtain a recommendation from their state's Space Grant Consortium, and 2) submit a completed application, no later than February 28, 2000, to TSGC at the address listed above.

Additional Information

Registration Fee:
  • Texas Teachers: There is no registration fee for teachers selected to participate.
  • Non-Texas Teachers: Out-of-state participants must pay a $400 registration fee when selected which covers lodging (double occupancy), meals, shuttle transportation during the meeting, and airport transfers in Houston.

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