LiftOff Summer Institute 2001
A Texas Space Grant Consortium
Summer Institute for Middle and High School Teachers

July 16-20, 2001
Houston, Texas

"Space-Age America" is an America with unlimited promise, potential,and hope that we can shape a better future for our children. The US space program has instilled a belief in the power of science and technology.

Beginning in the summer of 1990, the Texas Space Grant Consortium initiated a summer series of educational/training workshops for teachers. These aerospace workshops, called LiftOff Summer Institute, emphasize science, mathematics, and engineering learning experiences by incorporating a different NASA mission area as the central theme each year. Teacher participants are provided with knowledge, materials, and experience through hands-on, minds-on activities and field trips that promote aerospace enrichment activities to others.

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LiftOff Summer Institute 2001 Program Features
Tours Scientist Presentations Educator Presentations Astrounat Presentations
International Space Station Mockup Protein Crystal Growth Kit Training
Greg Jenkins and Wendell Elrod, NASA/MSFC
Lunar Rocks and Meteorite Certification
Angelo Casaburri, NASA/JSC
Future of Spaceflight
Astronaut John Young
Space Shuttle Simulators Earth/Moon Compairsons
Dr. Walter Kiefer, LPI
Toys in Space
Dr. Carolyn Summers, Houston Museum of Natural Science
From Apollo into the New Millenium
Astronaut Dr. Bonnie Dunbar
Neutral Boyancy Lab Rescue of Apollo 13
Jerry Woodfill, NASA/JSC
Angelo Casaburri, NASA/JSC
The Next Generation of Jet Propulsion
Astronaut Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz
Advance Jet Propulsion Lab, Astronaut Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz Orgins of the Earth and Moon
Dr. Graham Ryder, LPI
Multi-Media Space Educators Handbook
Jerry Woodfill
Museum of Natural Sciences Advance Life Support Systems
Keith Henderson, NASA/JSC
Teacher Features
Water Recovery Lab Designing Tomorrow's Spacecraft
Dr. Joyce Carpenter, NASA/JSC
Glovebox Activity
Joyce Hill, Ota Lutz, and Rebecca Moreland
Plant Growth Lab International Space Station Habitability
Larry Toups, NASA/JSC
Moons of Jupiter
Carol Lutsinger - Solar System Educator
Ellington Field Future Human Exploration Missions
Doug Cooke, NASA/JSC
Educational Resource Center
Space Center Houston
Future Missions to the Moon
Dr. Paul Spudis
Space Center Houston


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