LiftOff Summer Institute 2001
A Texas Space Grant Consortium
Summer Institute for Middle and High School Teachers

July 16-20, 2001

Participant Comments

I also wanted to thank you for a wonderfully educational and entertaining time at Liftoff 2001. When asked about my time in Houston I tell my friends that I felt like a kid again at camp and wishing that I could call home and ask to stay another week - it was the best week! I have made many new friends, learned a ton, came home highly motivated and ready to get back into the classroom, and most importantly I feel ready and anxious to share what I have learned. Thank you again for allowing me to attend the week with you and your Liftoff group.

The most important result of this will be how we can inspire our students as we have been inspired through sharing NASA's plans and possibilities with them they can see their opportunities. The activities are so great, the kids will love them. I have seen the "turn on" to science and "light up" due to this workshop, and I feel certain this will continue

This has been a fantastic workshop. I have learned lots of background information that has given me a better understanding. The amount of materials we have been given is unbelievable I am impressed with the key speakers. How great to actually meet the astronauts and other scientists that are making space exploration history.

Hmmm....How can you possibly top this? Excellent! Excellent Program! I can share this with the state of Pennsylvania and hope they keep sending us back! Thank you so much!

This has been the best workshop I have ever attended. So Often I will attend a workshop and leave with nothing I can use in my classroom. This definitely was not the case.

The total experience was wonderful! I have never experienced such a concentrated valuable amount of information and experience. Wow!

I learned so much through the program. I would like to thank Texas Space Grant Consortium for providing this opportunity and I can say without hesitation that this is the best teacher program I have ever experienced

This workshop gave me an opportunity to meet teachers and educators with the same interest and brought to me a realization that education knows no boundaries. I was able to accumulate knowledge that I can use in making science a more interesting subject and I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life.

Wonderful experinece! Thank you so very much for such a great opportunity.

I felt very lucky and fortunate to be selected to participate in a program like this. It was an opportunity few people get to experience.

The program was outstanding - there were no worst features.. The most incredible part of this summer was the sometimes conflicting viewpoints of our persenters. It was wonderful to hear both sides an make my own decision.


Last Modified: August 8, 2001