LiftOff Summer Institute 2001
A Texas Space Grant Consortium
Summer Institute for Middle and High School Teachers

July 16-20, 2001

  • The Moon: Gateway to the Solar System
  • Apollo 13- "...A Problem"
  • Bureau of Economic Geology; The University of Texas at Austin
  • Comparative Cratering Processes
  • Exploring Meteorite Mysteries: Edible Rocks
  • Impact cratering on a Rainy Day
  • Introduction to Geological Processes
  • Introduction to Impact Cratering
  • The Mathematics of Microgravity
  • The Moons of Jupiter
  • Reaping Rocks
  • What's My Mission?
  • Geology of Texas (map)
  • International Space Station Assembly Begins (Poster)
  • Once and Future Moon
  • The Sun


  • Moons of Jupiter slide set
  • Protein Crystal Growth kits
  • Texas Rock kit from Bureau of Economic Geology
  • Toy samples for Toys in Space Curriculum


  • Exploring the Moon
  • Liftoff to Learning: Toys in Space II
  • Meteorite Mysteries
  • Microgravity
  • The Moons of Jupiter
  • NASA's Student Glovebox
  • Planetary Geology
  • Plants in Space
  • Protein Crystal Growth
  • Advance Space Propulsion Laboratory (Brochure)
  • AMES Research Center; Signals Through Space
  • Before It's too Late; A report of the Nation from The National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century
  • Educational Brief; Space Shuttle Glider
  • Educational Briefs; How Airplanes Fly
  • Facilities Fiscal Year 1996 Estimates; Human Space Flight
  • Future Lunar Missions (from website)
  • Human Exploration and Development of Space (from website)
  • International Space Station; On-orbit Operations Are Under Way! (Brochure)
  • Jupiter (from website)
  • A Key to Discovery; The international Space Station Fact Book
  • A Minute Guide to the Moon
  • The Moon (from website)
  • NASA Facts: The Flight of Apollo 13
  • National Aeronautics And Space Administration Construction of
  • Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (Brochure)
  • Teachers and Students Investigating Plants in Space
  • Water on the Space Station (from Website)


  • Apollo 11: The Eagle Has Landed
  • Apollo 13: Houston, We Have a Problem
  • Before It's Too Late (video)
  • Meet Me at the Station (overview of ISS construction)
  • Space Educators CDROM
  • "Station Reel Time: Crew Return Vehicle
  • That NASA Show: Tortillas in Space and Space Wear
  • Toys in Space (video)
  • Toys in Space II (video)


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