LiftOff 99 : Catch a Falling Star Schedule

TIME Monday
8:15am   Sharing Sharing Sharing Sharing
9:00am   Sharing NEAR Mission to An Asteroid - Dr. Deborah Domingue (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab) Sharing Sharing
9:30am   Origins of the Solar System - Dr. David Black (LPI Director) 10am Asteroid Activity International Space Station Flight Director Sally Davis (JSC) Planetary Sample Returns - Dr. Margaret Race (SETI/AMES)
10:30am   Comet Activity 11am Meteor Showers
Dr. Mark Matney (JSC)
Spaceflight and Space Station Crew Training Frank Hughes (JSC, Retired) The Shoemaker/Levy Impact - Dr. Reta Beebe (New Mexico State University)
11:30am   11:15 The Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud - Dr. Joe Hahn (LPI) 12pm Lunch Space Shuttle/Space Station Astronaut Dr. James Newman (JSC)  
12:30pm Registration and Check In - Hotel - Allen Lewis (TSGC) 12:15 Lunch 12:45 Travel to NASA/JSC
1-1:30 Badging at JSC
Lunch Lunch
1:30pm   1:00 Antarctic Meteorites Dr. David Mittlefeldht (JSC) Meteorite Mysteries Dr. Marilyn Lindstrom (JSC) Stardust and Genesis Missions - Dr. Eileen Stansbery (JSC)  
2:30pm   2:00 Field Trip: Burke Baker Planetarium Meteorite Activities Jaclyn Allen (JSC) 2:45 Field Trip: George Observatory  
3:30pm   3:00 Destination: Moon Planetarium Show and Apollo Anniversary Exhibit 3:15 NASA/JSC Tour Space Station/Space Shuttle Mock-ups 4:00 Challenger Center Mission: Rendevous with a Comet Space Center Houston
Giftshop/Educator Resource Center
4:30pm Meet and Greet Round Table Forum - Hotel Return Trip 5:00 NASA/JSC Tour Space Shuttle Simulators   Switch Groups
5:30pm Travel to LPI Neotek 3-D Tour of the Solar System   6:15 Picnic Dinner 5:30-7pm Museum Freetime
6:30pm Liftoff 10th Anniversary Reception - All Participants Invited!! Buffet Dinner at LPI   7:15 George Observatory Tour and Astronomer Comet Lecture 7:00 Dinner in the Starship Gallery
7:30pm Ice on the Bone Dry Moon - Dr. Paul Spudis (LPI) Make a Telescope! Activity   8:30 George Observatory Observing Session 8:00 Activity Mars Simulators/Star-tropolis Exhibit
8:30pm   JSC Astronomical Society Presentation and Star Party!   9:30 Return Trip SCH - IMAX film, To Be an Astronaut


Last Modified: Mon June 28, 1999