Texas Space Grant Consortium Teacher Newsletter
Volume: 2, Issue: 15
Date: 12/01/2000

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Students steer giant telescope to assist spacecraft at Jupiter

Students at 25 middle schools and high schools in 13 states are remotely controlling huge radio-telescope dishes in the California desert from their classroom computers this fall and winter. Their work will aid studies of Jupiter to be made by NASA's Cassini spacecraft as it flies past that planet. The students are using telescopes near Barstow, Calif., at the Goldstone tracking station of the Deep Space Network, which the Jet Propulsion Laboratory operates for NASA. Students' monitoring of natural radio-wave emissions from Jupiter's atmosphere and radiation belts over the next few months will help with the interpretation of measurements that Cassini will take during a few days in early January.

New Mars research facility to involve scientists and kids

Arizona State University and JPL are creating a new NASA facility that will be used by scientists and kids studying Mars. ASU and JPL will provide the expertise, curricular support and equipment required by the new educational program. ASU's longstanding Mars K-12 Outreach Program has already developed a large library of curricular materials and has developed a significant national network of school and educator contacts through its extensive schedule of outreach activities in planetary science.

Complex ideas in simple math

The MegaMath site, sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory, provides opportunities for children and their teachers to experience mathematics in ways it is experienced by mathematicians and scientists. Hands-on activities and story problems explore the fundamentals of topics such as primes, infinity, knot theory and graph theory. Lessons are designed for elementary class and up.

Become a NASA/JPL Ocean Envoy

We are offering NASA/JPL presentation and educational materials to motivated Peer Trainers and Public Presenters to enhance their teaching or presentation of Ocean Sciences. This opportunity is for both formal and informal Educators. Each Ocean Envoy team member is asked to give at least three presentations during the Some ideas for these presentations are: Peer Training sessions for Educators (such as at national, regional or district-wide educator conferences), Museums and science centers, Local service clubs or Elderhostels, Youth groups such as Scouts or 4-H clubs Libraries. If you are interested, please Tom Nolan through email at: tom.nolan@jpl.nasa.gov. or visit the above referenced website.

Far-out Housekeeping on the International Space Station

Life in space is a daring adventure, but somebody still has to cook dinner and take out the trash. Science@NASA interviews two astronauts about the thrill and routine of daily life in orbit.

Helmet cameras during NASA spacewalk

In what promises to be a stunning space program first, NASA spacewalkers Joe Tanner and Carlos Noriega will wear "helmet-cams" during shuttle Endeavour's upcoming construction mission at the International Space Station.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have a science or math Web site you've found especially helpful to your students? Send us the URL address and the grade level it best serves. We'll pass it on. Ideas should be sent to space_edu@tsgc.utexas.edu.

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