Texas Space Grant Consortium Teacher Newsletter
Volume: 2, Issue: 1
Date: 01/03/2000

Table of Contents

Albert Einstein DistinguishedEducator Fellows Program

Applications are now being accepted for the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellows Program. Where Classroom Practice Informs Policy. Apply to spend a year in our nation's capital as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, an opportunity for elementary and secondary science and math teachers, enacted by Congress and funded by the Department of Energy Office of Science, with participation from NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health. The deadline date for applications is February 25, 2000.

Don't hesitate to call us at (202) 289-2911 or (800) 582-0115 if you have any questions about the program.

NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest

NASA Ames Research Center sponsors this annual contest for 6th-12th grade students (ages 11-18) from anywhere in the world. Due date for the next context is March 31, 2000. The grand prize, first, second, third place winners and honorable mentions in each category will be invited to NASA Ames in June 2000 for a tour. There is also a Teacher Lesson Plan Contest. Check the web site for guidelines, registration information, and results from previous contests.

Universal Service Support

This letter from Secretary of Education Riley highlights ways K-12 schools and libraries can begin preparing to benefit from the $2.25 billion fund for discounted telecommunication services, internal connections, and Internet access.

Mars Millennium Project

Imagine creating a village for 100 transplanted Earthlings in the year 2030! NASA is pleased to be one of the sponsors of the Mars Millennium Project, an official White House Millennium Council Youth Initiative. The project challenges students across the nation to design a community yet to be imagined-for the planet Mars. This National Millennium Project for K-12 students in classrooms and youth groups will inspire debate, in-depth research and the quest for new ideas revolving around the White House Millennium Council's central theme " Honor the Past-Imagine the Future." The deadline for submitting projects is June 1, 2000. The Participation Guide and information about the Mars Millennium Project are available on the Mars Millennium website.

Tennis Sport Science

Tennis Sport Science is an interactive study of sports to help students understand physics, mathematics and aerodynamic principles. It is a Cooperative Agreement between NASA's Learning Technologies Project and Cislunar Aerospace, Inc.

How to Obtain NASA-Produced Multimedia Educational Materials

NASA uses its unique resources to develop, utilize, and disseminate science mathematics, technology, engineering, and geography instructional materials. A comprehensive dissemination system has been developed to ensure that educators have access to these products. Learn about one part of that system, NASA's Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE).

Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE)

Involve K-12 students in the GLOBE Program make environmental measurements daily, weekly, and seasonally with the guidance of their teachers. Students send their data, via the Internet, to the GLOBE Student Data Archive. Visit the GLOBE website for contacts for your state and registration and program information.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have a science or math Web site you've found especially helpful to your students? Send us the URL address and the grade level it best serves. We'll pass it on. Ideas should be sent to the TSGC newsletter at tsgc_teachers@www.csr.utexas.edu.
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