Texas Space Grant Consortium Teacher Newsletter
Volume: 2, Issue: 18
Date: 02/08/2001

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Life Sciences and Engineering Support for Long Duration Space Flight

You are invited to attend The Texas Space Grant Consortium Spring 2001 Meeting "Life Sciences and Engineering Support for Long Duration Space Flight". This meeting will address the Life Sciences and Engineering support of the Physiology, Radiation, and Psychological challenges that we must overcome to conduct long duration space flight. It will be held on May 17th and 18th at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas. Please visit the meeting web site for more detailed information about the meeting.

LiftOff 2001 An Edu-Space Odyssey - Application Deadline February 28, 2001

LiftOff Summer Institute 2001 is A Texas Space Grant Consortium Summer Institute for Middle and High School Teachers held in Houston, Texas the week of July 16-20, 2001 Listen to presentations by space scientists and engineers , Take tours of NASA and Space Center Houston and participate in hands-on inquiry-based classroom activities LiftOff applications are due February 28, 2001. Visit the above website to download an application.

Rename Your Newsletter Contest

TSGC received lots of great Newsletter names and we are extending the deadline to receive many more. TSGC is conducting a contest to rename this newsletter. If your name wins, you will win a gift certificate and get recognition in an upcoming newsletter. We will accept entries through March 2, 2001. Submit your entries by replying to this email.

Windows on the Universe Program

How would you like to take your entire community on a journey from spaceship Earth to places unknown? Challenger Center for Space Science Education's Window on the Universe program is creating a network of under-served communities dedicated to sustained science, math, and technology education, to do just this. This unique program brings valuable space science and human space flight experiences right to your front door, through educator workshops, classroom visits, educational field trips for the entire family, and other national resources. For more details on the program and to submit your application online or E-mail: wotu@challenger.org, Phone: 703/683-9740.

Apply to the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) Awards.

This award, sponsored by EDVOTEK, Inc., recognizes outstanding teaching (grades 7-12) by a "new" biology/life science instructor within his/her first three years of teaching (when nominated) who has developed an original and outstanding program or technique and made a contribution to the profession at the start of his/her career. A recognition plaque is presented to the award winner at the NABT National Convention, and he/she also receives a complimentary one-year NABT membership and a $750 certificate from EDVOTEK to be used for travel expenses to the convention (up to $500) with the rest as a credit for biological supplies and equipment. The nomination deadline is March 15, 2001

Far-Out Chores on the International Space Station

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in space? The movies make it seem glamorous and exciting, and it often is. Nevertheless, someone up there has to clean house and cook dinner! This episode of Thursday's Classroom shows how doing chores at home can be good astronaut training. Activities include "Captain Trash," "Space Mess," "Nano Nap: A Space Snooze," and the Space Chores Coloring Book.

Visit NASA's new "Personal Space" Web site

Get an up- close and personal with International Space Station team members like STS-98 astronaut Robert Curbeam. Curbeam, called "Beamer" by his friends, had a goal to design rockets. Now he rides rockets into space. During STS-98, Curbeam will be part of the second crew to visit the now-inhabited space station. Wearing a 300-pound spacesuit 220 miles up, Curbeam will take a walk on the wild side, attaching the U.S. laboratory to the ever-growing station. The site allows visitors to walk in Curbeam's shoes and learn what inspired him to pursue his career path.

Eduhound - Everything for Education K-12

Most educators may already know about this web site, but I have used it many times to pull lesson plans and labs from it. It is very well organized and easy to use.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have a science or math Web site you've found especially helpful to your students? Send us the URL address and the grade level it best serves. We'll pass it on. Ideas should be sent to space_edu@tsgc.utexas.edu.

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