VOYAGE to Spread Space Excitement Educator Newsletter
Editor: Talia Jurgens
Volume: 2, Issue: 51
Date: 6-28-2002

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A Science Teacher Has Stars in Her Eyes

When she was still a student herself, Carol Lutsinger wished upon a star that she would become a teacher. Seventeen years later, Lutsinger is the Rio Grande Valley Elementary Science Teacher of the Year who still looks to the stars for inspiration. The prestigious award is given to teachers who have demonstrated leadership in promoting excellence in science education. Congratulations Carol!!

The World Watcher Project

In this research, we are exploring the potential of this technology to improve science education in similar ways. The goal of this research is to demonstrate that scientific visualization, incorporated into inquiry-based learning, can enable students of diverse abilities to develop an understanding of complex scientific phenomena such as climate and weather. In traditional settings, this understanding has been out of the reach of all but the brightest and most highly motivated students. The challenge of this research is to identify the specific software and external supports that are necessary to transform scientific visualization into an effective educational technology.

Mathsoft Education Grants to benefit your school

MathSoft, a provider of math, science, and engineering software, has two grant programs available: the StudyWorks Innovative Teaching Grant Program and the Conference Presenter Grant Program. Through the former, educators and schools can receive a lab grant for 25 Studyworks for Schools licenses as well as additional licenses for the school's media center. Interested applicants must submit a detailed proposal explaining how they would incorporate Studyworks into their curriculum. Mathsoft also awards Conference Grants to provide stipends for educators attending math, science, or technology conferences, who will be presenting a session or workshop using StudyWorks, Mathcad or Axum. Educators interested in the program should submit a proposal of their conference session or workshop. Grant recipients will receive a grant of $100 or $200 dollars. Prospective applicants should consult the Mathsoft Web site for program information and application details.

Dive into the Deep Sea with "Extreme 2002: Mission to the Abyss!"

Starting October 18, 2002, University of Delaware marine scientists will lead a new National Science Foundation expedition to hydrothermal vents on the Pacific Ocean floor -- "Extreme 2002: Mission to the Abyss" -- and middle- and high-school classrooms around the nation are invited to join them via a virtual field trip to the ocean's depths. Registrations for this award-winning educational program are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. To register your class, sign up today at the above web site for more information, contact Tracey Bryant, Director, UD Marine Public Education Office, Graduate College of Marine Studies (

Space Center Houston Teacher Open House

Exclusively for Teachers only, Space Center Houston is hosting as special Preview/Teacher Open house on September 12, 2002. Come explore the vast wonders of space at Space Center Houston and visit the Johnson Space Center's Educator Center. Receive free materials! More information is provided at the above web site.

Star Station One

Star Station one is a program designed to connect the excitement of the International Space Station with the public and youth of America through the existing informal science education system. Star Station One Demonstrations and Educational Programs can be found in 61 museums around the country - at least one location in every state! Space Center Houston is one of the elite 61! Space Center Houston and the Bishop Museum in Hawaii were also selected by the Boeing Company to produce the educational materials and the public demonstrations for the Star Station One Program. These materials and demonstrations packages are then sent out every few months to all 61 sites. Each package focuses on concepts related to the assembly process of the International Space Station and future science experiments that will be done on the Station.

Visual Thesaurus

You'll never use a classic thesaurus again. Plumb Design has created a thesaurus that is thorough and set up more like a web than a listing. It uses a technology called "think map" which this company has created. At the very least, check it out.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have a science or math Web site you've found especially helpful to your students? Send us the URL address and the grade level it best serves. We'll pass it on. Ideas should be sent to

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