VOYAGE to Spread Space Excitement Educator Newsletter
Editor: Talia Jurgens
Volume: 2, Issue: 54
Date: 8-26-2002

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GRACE in Space Educational Games

Let you students explore the latest scientific studies of the Earth's gravitational field through interactive games. The GRACE mission is studying how the Earth's gravity changes as mass moves around the Earth. These activities and games allow your students to explore this cutting edge research in a fun and interactive way.

Protein Crystal Growth Experiments in Space
Once in a lifetime opportunity for Teachers and Students

The Texas Space Grant Consortium will offer students and teachers in Texas the opportunity to conduct protein crystal growth experiments in their class and load flight samples for space flight. While the teachers and students learn how protein crystals grow on earth and why growing crystals in space is important they will conduct experiments and research on the importance of biomedical studies. Selected teachers and students will load flight samples that will launch on the Space Shuttle and fly in the International Space Station. This is a first come, first served opportunity as supplies are limited. Information about the Protein Crystal Growth and a printable application can be downloaded at the above URL.

Space Explorers Curriculum

Space Explorers is an interdisciplinary space exploration education curriculum designed for middle school youth funded by Texas Space Grant Consortium. The curriculum includes lessons for use in mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, computer, theater, physical education, and art classes. The goal is for students to broaden their knowledge and comprehension of space exploration through interactive, hands-on learning activities. Visit the above URL for details and the curriculum.

Space Center Houston Teacher Open House
September 19, 2002

Coming up on September 19, 2002, exclusively for teachers only, Space Center Houston is hosting as special Preview/Teacher Open house on. Come explore the vast wonders of space at Space Center Houston and visit the Johnson Space Center's Educator Center. Receive free materials and register to win 2 free Southwest Airline tickets. More information is provided at the above web site.

NASA Educational Posters

Updated versions of NASA educational posters "The Wright Way: The Process of Invention" and "The Wright Way: Innovation Through Engineering" are available on NASA Spacelink. The posters, which are designed to honor the accomplishments of Orville and Wilbur Wright, now include information about a special theme for 2002-03 and 2003-04 school years. "The Wright Quest," a NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) competition for students in grades K-12, has been added to the activity section of both posters. Both posters can be downloaded on the above website.

Earth System Science Education online courses

Several colleges, universities, and other science education organizations across the U.S. are offering online Earth system science courses for K-12 teachers that were developed for NASA by the Center for Educational Technologies (CET) at Wheeling Jesuit University. The organizations are part of the Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA), a program led by CET and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), through funding from NASA's Earth Science Enterprise. The three ESSEA courses (for elementary, middle, and high school teachers) use an innovative instructional design model. Delivered over the Internet, they feature student-centered, knowledge building virtual communities, the optimal method for teaching and learning.

Houston Connected Classroom Conference!
October 15-16, 2002

Attend the Houston Connected Classroom Conference being held on October 15-16, 2002. Learn to teach reading, math, science, and social studies using technology. Gain practical information you will use in your school the very next day. Receive top-quality materials to use immediately. Register before September 24, 2002 to SAVE $50 off the on-site registration fee! Visit the Web site for registration information or call us at (800) 638-1639.


Stargazer's is a site about astronomy and is designed for children as well as teachers. It covers all the elements of astronomy, like storytelling, constellations, myths, and even history along with puzzles and space science activities and the latest on today's events.

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