VOYAGE to Spread Space Excitement Educator Newsletter
Editor: Talia Jurgens
Volume: 3, Issue: 8
Date: 5-16-03

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Free Educator CDs

Box Turtle Software company has Wonderful educational CDs for teachers and students. Their goal is to make learning exciting, more productive and retentive. Their CDs includes earth curricula, Solar System and Hubble's Universie. They have developed award winning educational material and you can also view these programs on their web site. E-mail for a free copy of the CD and visit their website.

Send Your Name to a Comet

Your Name Could Make a 'Deep Impact' on a Comet - put your name on our Deep Impact spacecraft, due for launch in December 2004, and we'll crash it into a comet in July 2005. Sign up on the above URL.

Educational Sun Applets

The site has an `applet that models the Sun's path in a geocentric view, it calculates and visualizes the position of the Sun based on the latitude and the time. It allows [you] to simulate the Sun's position and path during an hour, a day, a month and a year. A second applet displays the `power output of a photovoltaic panel. You can choose the location, angle of the installation, the time of year, and the expected output power. Data can be displayed in a graph or table format. These applets require a recent version of the Java.

Space Center Workshops for Educators

There are lots of new 2003 Professional Development Workshops at Space Center Houston for all Educators. Educators receive continuing professional development, Certificate of Completion, Materials and curriculum. Choose from a variety of topics and dates. See website for details.

NASA Spacelink

Four additional microgravity educational publications are available from NASA Spacelink. "Earth and Space" is an educator guide that contains general information about microgravity, classroom activities, and student worksheets. The remaining three publications contain guidelines for constructing equipment in which to conduct microgravity experiments. All of the publications contain excellent step-by-step instructions and pictures for clarification when building the projects. See the above website to download.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have a science or math Web site you've found especially helpful to your students? Send us the URL address and the grade level it best serves. We'll pass it on. Ideas should be sent to

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