VOYAGE to Spread Space Excitement Educator Newsletter
Editor: Talia Jurgens
Volume IV, Issue 9
Date: 5-17-04

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Teaching Aviation in the Classroom - July 20-22, 2004

Aviation is an exciting and integral part of American history and society! It is a proven classroom motivator! No matter what subjects or grade level you teach, discover how fun and easy it is to incorporate aviation into your classroom! Workshop includes: Hands-on make-it and take-it activities that weave aviation into every teaching discipline; Aviation history; Physics of flight; Aviation careers; tours , movie viewings and field trips, and more. To sign up, visit the above web site and get location and times.

Science Stuff Workshops

Sue Bachus of "Science Stuff" in Austin is offering a variety of workshops for teachers this summer. They are all SBEC approved. Topics include paleontology, earth science, conservation, physical science, and more! Visit the "Science Stuff" web site at for more information.

Science Class Challenge

Participate in the CAPCO Science Class Challenge and win $500 to $5,000 for your school. For grades 4-9, the competition is meant to encourage students and teachers to learn about the Earth's protective upper ozone layer, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and the environment by using provided activities or their own creative methods.

Video Course for K-12 Educators

The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice - This video-based course is an exploration of learning theory appropriate for grades K-12 and all subject areas for the training of pre-service teachers and the professional development of in-service teachers. Hosted by Stanford University professor Linda Darling-Hammond, the 13 half-hour programs illustrate a variety of learning theories with applications to classroom practice. A Web site and print guide supplement the videos, with background readings, questions for discussion, and ongoing assignments that bring theory into practice.

NTEN On-line Summer Courses for K-12 Teachers

National Teachers Education Network (NTEN) is offering on-line summer courses for K-12 teachers in the subject areas: Biology, Earth Science, Education, Entomology, and more. Graduate credit is available.

Savvy Cyber Teacher Summer Institute

This a unique training opportunity being offered through Stevens Institute of Technology, in the New York area, July 19-23 and July 26-30. SCT is a 30-hour graduate-level course, enabling teachers to use Internet-based resources to engage students in quantitative, inquiry-based science and mathematics projects. You will learn to involve students in activities in which they gather, download and analyze real-time and collaborative-based data in order to draw conclusions, discover scientific principles and in effect, become real scientists. For more details, visit the above web site.

How the body works (K-12)

Relating to the science of the body, How the body works is a great web site to demonstrate how the body works, from dealing with feelings, staying healthy, Medical terms and you can view it in Spanish as well. Kids can ask specific questions and is a good interactive site. View the website above.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have a science or math Web site you've found especially helpful to your students? Send us the URL address and the grade level it best serves. We'll pass it on. Ideas should be sent to

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