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VOYAGE to Spread Space Excitement Educator Newsletter

Volume 7, Issue 4
Editor Talia Jurgens
May 29, 2007

Educational Opportunities for Space Shuttle Endeavour's STS-118 mission

Scheduled for launch no earlier than June 28, 2007, Space Shuttle Endeavour's STS-118 mission will be the 22nd shuttle flight to the International Space Station. It will continue space station construction by delivering a third starboard truss segment. It's also the first flight of an Educator Astronaut, Mission Specialist Barbara Morgan.

Many of you may remember that Barbara Morgan was the alternate for Teacher in Space Christa McAuliffe. Since that time, Barbara has become a member of the astronaut corps and the first of a new astronaut category: Educator Astronauts. An Educator Astronaut is a fully qualified astronaut who brings expertise in K-12 education. With their education background, Educator Astronauts will help lead NASA in the development of new ways to connect space exploration with the classroom, and to inspire the next generation of explorers, while ensuring a successful mission.

NASA is preparing a number of educational opportunities to celebrate this flight - See above web site for educational opportunities.

NASA Quest HiRISE Image Targeting Challenge

Help NASA on the quest for signs of water on the Red Planet.
The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera, now orbiting Mars, is helping NASA search for signs of water on Mars. Students are invited to help choose regions of Mars for HiRISE to image. The HiRISE team will pick several suggestions and image them with the camera in the coming months. The winning team will represent the first people on Earth to see the resulting image and will have the chance to search for signs of water in the image.
Challenge entries are due April 7, 2007.

Texas & Space Travel - Bob Bullock Museum - May 26-August 12, 2007

Made to Walk the Skies: Texas & Space Travel, with a bang! Explore the skies with a variety of hands-on space adventures. Make and launch rockets, design your own shuttle glider, and check out robotics in action.

Made to Walk the Skies: Texas & Space Travel will feature historic equipment and the compelling stories of the Texans that helped make space exploration a reality. See the above web site for Exhibit information.

The history of manned space flight is an international story with Texas at its heart. In 1961, the Manned Spacecraft Center was established in Houston. As the home of Mission Control and the astronaut training program, the center came to represent both the voice and the face of America's space program. In 1973, the Center was renamed in honor of the late President and Texas native, Lyndon B. Johnson.

From the early Gemini, Apollo and Skylab projects to today's Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs, Texas continues to play a leading role in human space exploration.

Mars Web Seminars (5-12)

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in collaboration with NSTA, has developed a series of free 90-minute Web seminars for 5-12 science educators on the topic of Mars Exploration. The live professional development sessions that use on-line learning technologies to allow participants to interact with nationally acclaimed experts, scientists, engineers and education specialists.

On-line registration for each is now open. Upcoming topics include robotic engineering, and using Earth to explore Mars. To participate in these and other NSTA Web seminars, go to above web site.

ITEA and NASA STS-118 Design Challenges Announce Summer Workshops

Elementary, middle and high school teachers are invited to join NASA and the International Technology Education Associationís one-day professional development workshops. Attendees will receive standards-based units complete with assessments and teacher resources that align with the upcoming STS-118 mission. Five workshops are being held across the U.S. during July and August 2007.

For more details and information on workshop registration, visit above web site.

Sally Ride Science Announces STS-118 Educator Institute at Framingham State College

Sally Ride Science, in partnership with Northrop Grumman and NASA, is offering an Educator Institute on June 12, 2007, at the Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Center at Framingham State College in Framingham, Mass. This one-day professional development program for upper elementary and middle school science teachers will focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM. The institute will include presentations about the STS-118 mission and first Educator Astronaut Barbara Morgan, hands-on workshops, and a keynote address by a NASA astronaut. For more information and to register on-line, visit above web site.