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VOYAGE to Spread Space Excitement Educator Newsletter

Volume VIII, Issue 1
Editor Talia Jurgens
January 31, 2008

Intel Schools of Distinction Awards

These annual awards recognize U.S. schools that implement innovative, replicable programs that inspire their students and lead to positive educational outcomes in the areas of math and science. Winners receive $10,000 each from the Intel Foundation and more than $100,000 in products and services from the program award sponsors. The Star Innovator for 2008 receives an additional $15,000 cash grant from the Intel Foundation as well as additional services and products from the award sponsors.

Space Science Mission Workshop - Moon, Mars and Beyond!

Join us to explore future missions to the Moon and Mars, and beyond! Conduct classroom hands-on activities and meet scientists involved in these missions! The Lunar and Planetary Institute is hosting several free educator workshops conducted in conjunction with the 2008 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, in Houston (League City), Texas, March 10-14 2008. These half-day and day-long workshops will be conducted by planetary mission education specialists. Educators who attend these workshops will be provided with free registration for the LPSC conference, and opportunities to attend science presentations and poster sessions.

EngineerGirl Essay Contest

We use energy in almost everything we do, but if we aren't careful there won't be enough. The future of energy is the topic of the 2008 EngineerGirl! essay contest.

Both girls and boys may compete. To enter, individual students write an essay of no more than 750 words describing how they believe engineers will provide energy for the future. The entry deadline is March 1. First-place winners will receive a check for $500. Second-place entries will be awarded $250: third-place, $100.

For complete contest details, go to above website.

Cosmic Lesson Competition

Your School could win a Digital STARLAB - Enter Today - To enter the Cosmic Lesson Competition, educators and middle/high school students will team together to create a custom lesson using Starry Night High School® software. This lesson will ultimately be presented in a Digital STARLAB planetarium! For complete contest rules and requirements and to register to enter, please visit the Cosmic Lesson website above.

Floods and Flows: Exploring Mars Geology on Earth
Nasa Sponsored Workshop July 13-19, 2008

Spend the week with planetary scientists visiting the site of Ancient Glacial Lake Missoula and tracing its flood waters through Montana, Idaho, and into Washington. Examine the geologic evidence for catastrophic flooding, as well as for past volcanism in this region. >From these field experiences and accompanying classroom activities, participants will build an understanding of surface processes on Earth, including water flow, volcanism, glaciation, and sedimentation. Attendees will extend their understanding to interpret what the features on the surface of Mars suggest about the past environments and history of the red planet.

The experience will be divided between the field and lab, where participants work with classroom-tested, hands-on inquiry based activities and resources that can be used to enhance Earth and space science teaching in the classroom. Participants receive lesson plans, supporting resources, and presentations. A limited number of grants are available to cover registration.

Join us for hands-on, real-world experience to enhance your teaching about Earth and space science — and the connections between these exciting fields of research! For more information about costs and logistics, and to apply for the experience, please visit above website.

Memories of Columbia

Mr. P.R. Blackwell of the Columbia Regional Geospatial Service Center (The Columbia Center) in Nacogdoches, have planned to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the loss of STS-107.

Here are the details:
An exhibit including displays from NASA, the Columbia Memorial Museum, Forest Resources Institute (FRI), The Columbia Center, and others will be open for 2 weeks from Saturday, January 26th through Feb. 9th in the old John S. Wyatt building in downtown Nacogdoches . On opening night (Saturday), there will be a reception from 7:00 to 9:00 pm for individuals that participated in the recovery efforts in Nacogdoches. On February 2nd , there will be a reception for the general public. This will be an informal come and go affair.

Staff at the Columbia Center will be videotaping oral histories from anyone that would like to record their memories of the disaster or the recovery effort. Interested parties should contact Lynn Clark at 936-468-6100 to schedule an appointment for the taping

Basil Seeds in Space

The cinnamon basil seeds that were recently flown on board shuttle mission STS-118 are now in the process of being packaged at Park Seed Company in Greenwood, S.C. After they are packaged, the seeds will be sent to a mailing organization for delivery to registered educators. We anticipate the delivery phase taking place very soon. An Express listserv message update will be sent when delivery begins.

Registration is still open for NASA's Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber. For additional information and to sign up to receive the space-flown basil seeds, please visit above website.