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Professor Neal Burns

Faculty Co-Advisor
University of Texas
NASA Means Business Team 2000

Neal grew up in Chicago and attended public schools and then entered the University of Chicago. Coming from a musical family he tried for many years to be a trombone player but finally elected to focus on his schoolwork. He received his Master's and Doctor's degrees, both in physiological psychology, at McGill University in Montreal. He now lives in Austin and is a professor at The University of Texas in the College of Communications.

His career includes several years as a member of the research teams assigned to the Mercury and Apollo projects working initially in Navy Labs and then for Honeywell. After that research involvement he became interested in marketing and advertising, finally leaving Honeywell to start his own company. After a rather rapid growth and an active period of mergers and acquisitions his firm was acquired by the Minneapolis advertising agency, Carmichael Lynch. As a senior partner and Director of Research and Account Panning he helped lead that firm to national prominence. In 1997 he elected to leave the business world and focus on teaching and research as a Professor of Advertising at the University of Texas.

Neal's background includes a wide ranging number of research publications, one book on the environmental challenges of space flight and a long standing interest in the principles of human behavior. Currently his research focuses on high technology and the Internet. Neal is also involved in the cultural and community life of the Austin area.

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