Georgia Institute of Technology

"NASA Means Business" Project on Acoustic Shaping.

Customer Engagement Program

Catherine Matos:

Please help us by providing your comments on any of the following topics that you find of interest or other topics of interest to you:

  1. The thesis of the Acoustic Shaping Inc. project is that a concerted national effort to develop space-based infrastructure is needed to jumpstart space-based business, and re-ignite interest in space exploration. How do you feel about this? Is it a worthwhile cause? Would you support it?
  2. A space infrastructure program will involve many players. What do you see as the role for your organization in such an effort?
  3. Are there other ideas for boosting public support for missions to Mars?
  4. Any suggestions for other products / applications of the acoustic shaping technology?
  5. What other technologies / businesses might benefit from a concerted national effort on space infrastructure?
  6. Are a tank farm and a lunar launcher the right infrastructure projects? What other space infrastructure items are of high priority?
  7. If you were to pick an order of expanding space operations, would it be
    1. ISS, Moon, Mars
b) Mars, Moon, Asteroid Belt

c) Near Earth Asteroids, Mars, Moon

d) something else


  1. Suggestions to get the ear of your company's upper management? NASA upper management? Employees at your company? The government?
  2. What evidence would be needed to you/your company to be convinced of the feasibility of a plan like ours? Technical results on the formation of parts/goods in space? NASA endorsement? Examples of others making money? Something else?
  3. Would you agree that the construction of a space-based infrastructure is an essential step for a permanent presence in space and other planets?