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Space Societies and Organizations

GT's Aerospace Digital Library Space Science Links

Mars Society

GT Aerospace Engineering

GA Space Grant Consortium

Texas Space Grant Consortium

Virginia Space Grant Consortium

Space Studies Institute

NationalSpace Society News and articles about space and space exploration

NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts

Tools for Costing, etc.

NASA Cost Estimation Models

Space Business

GT AE Space Business Presentation: Out of this World: Business Opportunities in the Space-Based Economy

Electromagnetic launcher

Resources from Space: U. Wisconsion Graduate Course developed by Dr. Harrison Schmitt et al.

Orbital Express Space Operations Architecture

Commercial Space Markets

NASAWatch-Space Commercialization

The International Space Station Commercialization Study

ThinkMars, MIT and Harvard Business School's Space Business Venture to Mars

Practical Tourism in Space, 1996

Space Future: Articles on Space Tourism, Habitats, etc.

The Space Tourism Industry in 2030

Space Tourism, Space Commercialization, Space Policy and Advanced Research

Article from Scientific American on making money in space.

Life in Space, the 11th UKSEDS conference

The Next Chapter in Space Exploration and Science, ASME Conference, Nov. 1999

The Orbital Express Program

Space Policy

Links to government documents and other space policy

The Archimedes Institute: Space Law, Policy & Regulations

Space Resource Utilization

Space Resources Roundtable- Colorado School of Mines

"Advanced System Concept for Total ISRU-Based Propulsion and Power Systems for Unmanned and Manned Mars Exploration"- Eric Rice

Space Colonies

Island One Society

The Space Frontier Foundation - Welcome to the Revolution...

Space settlement

Space Hotels and other plans for space ventures

The Grand Hotel in Space

Bigelow, hotel chain owner and head of Bigelow Aerospace, talks about space hotels.

Hilton not planning a hotel in space. However, the media interest generated by the original announcement indicates a large amount of interest in the idea of space hotels.

Speech by Barron Hilton aat AAS Conference in 1967, about possibility of hotels in space.

Student competition to design space hotel:
Weekends in Orbit
Space Societies & Organizations
Space Business
Space Policy
Space Resource Utilization
Space Colonies
Space Hotels