How have we been promoting the cause of NMB 2003?

A Booth at 40 Acres Fest

We wanted to tell our University community who we are, what we're doing, and why it's so important. What better way than the annual 40 Acres Fest? We set up a booth with information about us and the display that we showed at the capitol. We also had a 5-inch Celestron telescope with a solar filter so we could show off our nearest star: our own Sun, complete with at least half a dozen sunspots! There was even a laptop with our public service announcements showing on a continuos loop. We also had a variety of freebies to give away including copies of astronomy-related magazines, articles on how to start out right in amateur astronomy, space-themed buttons from UT-Austin and the Texas Space Grant Consortium, and UV-detection beads that are normally white but turn bright colors when exposed to ultraviolet radiation!

We finally got it all set up.

Rica and Marcie

Trisha and Rizza take a break behind the scenes
while "customers" enjoy our exhibit.

Rica showing a "customer" how to view through the telescope.


There was even a goose on hand to entertain those waiting in line for the telescope.


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