Outreach Plan

Outreach activities are those that communicate a team's work to a variety of audiences, including the university community, school children, community leaders and the public at large. This means that your Outreach Plan is not the same thing as your ISS Promotion Plan, which is to communicate the International Space Station Program's work.

Teams are encouraged to apply a great deal of originality in the design of their proposed Outreach activities. In past programs, teams have undertaken a broad range of activities, including real-time and videotaped presentations, interactive CD programs and mall kiosks.

In your proposal, you should provide an overview of the team's plan for disseminating outreach activities and plans. For maximum point value, the plan should include:

  • Team's objective in outreach activities
  • A website or a plan to design a website.
  • Description of outreach audience for outreach
  • Specific plans for activities.

Your Outreach Plan will be strengthened by incorporating:

  • Specific plans and details (including names of schools, museums etc to visit)
  • Creative and/or innovative approach for delivering activities
  • Letters or agreements from institutions who have accepted your invitation to address their group

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Last Modified: Mon Aug 23, 2004