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During the Fall 2003 Semester, you will assemble a team of your college student colleagues to prepare and submit a proposal according to the guidelines set forth in this web site.

We are looking for teams with members representing both the traditional "space disciplines" PLUS some not normally associated with space exploration, like:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Survey Research
  • Sociology/Psychology
  • Radio-TV and Film
  • Communication
  • Fine Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Other similar disciplines
  • If your proposal is selected from those received, you will then compete against four other Finalist Teams to develop a Promotion Plan and two (2) television Public Service Announcements (PSA) about the International Space Station.

    The main objective of the Space Station Promotion Plan and PSA's is to effectively articulate to the general public the value and anticipated contributions of the Space Station to space exploration as well as to life on Earth.

    Then, in May 2004, representatives of the Finalist Teams will attend the Sixth Annual NASA Customer Engagement Conference at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. This Conference will be a forum for:

    • Presenting your teams' work;
    • Interacting with leading NASA, industry and university community "customer engagement" professionals;
    • Receiving status reports on the progress of space exploration missions and programs; and
    • Attending a special "behind-the-scenes" tour of the Johnson Space Center.

    NASA plans to incorporate innovations from your work into its emerging Customer Engagement strategy and evaluate it against other leading concepts being developed for NASA-TV and elsewhere.

    Each of the five Finalist Teams will receive:

    • cash awards of $1,000,
    • travel grants to the Johnson Space Center for both a January 2004 Space Station Orientation program and the May 2004 Customer Engagement Conference, and
    • recognition for their contributions to the Space Station program.

    In addition, an overall "Grand Prize Recipient" will be selected and announced at the Conference.

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