Simply put, NASA needs your help

NMB2004 is your chance to help NASA and its Space Station partners tell their story to everyday people in new and more effective ways by applying your knowledge of the business world and its tools of advertising, marketing, communication and journalism. This is your goal.

Your mission is to:

  1. research, design, and develop an ISS Promotion Plan;
  2. produce two Public Service Announcement-style video presentations as flagship implementation projects of your ISS Promotion Plan (at the team's option , a single (1) 3-5 minute video production may be proposed as a substitute for the two-PSA requirement); and,
  3. develop and implement a Team Outreach Plan.

Your focus is to be on the International Space Station's role as a bridge to Mars, technology development, research opportunities, international cooperation and future exploration.

Your location may extend as far as ISS science reaches - from the Earth's subsurface to the stars and including the Station itself, the Moon and Mars.

Your role is that of storyteller, and your medium is digital video.

Your context is humankind's goal to survive, develop, and transform itself through the exploration of the unknown.

Your cast may include (with their permission, where appropriate) anyone associated with human space exploration. Hint: The cast need not be limited to astronauts and rocket scientists.

You are strongly encouraged to recruit partners and underwriters, which can include your university, department, corporations, media outlets, movie theaters, etc. -- whomever and whatever you need to make your creative efforts real.

NASA anticipates using your work. For this reason, NASA expressly reserves the right to do so. This includes, and is not limited to, your concepts, plans and video productions. Further, it may also include the public broadcast, dissemination or presentation of your work.


Questions or comments? Contact: fort@mail.utexas.edu

Last Modified: Mon Aug 23, 2004