Bentley's Nasa Means Business

In January of 2005, students at Bentley College and Boston University embarked on a journey, which ultimately led them to the steps of NASA Kennedy Space Center, presenting in front of NASA officials, in a prestigious competition. The mission of these hard working undergraduate students is working rigorously to ensure that the people throughout the country, and eventually all throughout the world are well informed about the workings of NASA.

This group of dedicated students are part of the NASA Means Business Competition, which is an annual peer-reviewed competition consisting of four final teams, predominately graduate students, who present to NASA on ways they can improve their image, and regenerate this country’s fascination with NASA again. These teams meet in late May of each year and showcase their findings to NASA officials, who ultimately decide on a winner. The winners are chosen to present their work before NASA Headquarters and in front of Congress, attesting to why NASA’s work is of great value to the American public. It is a difficult challenge to present a short and effective message, and all participants do all that they can to create the most dynamic strategies, as for their own plan wooing the American public.

Bentley College and Boston University Students have decided to combine their unique skills and produce quality work, which will evoke civilians’ interests in NASA. Our group has worked tirelessly creating different media products which will target the appeal of groups within the American public. These multimedia files consist of print, radio, and video products which will teach the American people about the importance of NASA. All of our efforts can be viewed through this website, which is designed to educate people all throughout the world on how NASA affects you daily.
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